Accidentally sent real REP or ETH to Augur beta? Get it back!

Accidentally sent real REP or ETH to Augur beta? Get it back!

While we’re in beta, Augur runs on the Ethereum testnet / our own private chain. Due to this, real REP or ETH sent to your account address isn’t useable for the time being. Although we’ve tried to make it clear in your account to not send real funds to Augur just yet, accidents happen, and some people have. If you’ve deposited real funds to Augur during beta, don’t sweat – you can get it back!

Start by going to your Account page on Augur.

Select the “Download Account Key File” button. This will download a JSON file with your encrypted private key, which is the address where your funds were sent to.

With the UTC JSON file, open up and navigate to “Send Ether / Tokens”. Select “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” and upload the your JSON file. From there, enter your password you used to register your Augur account, and select “Unlock”.

You’ll now see the Ether or REP you’ve sent to your Augur beta account! Put in a new destination address that you control, and send it out to a new address (Note: if sending REP, you’ll need a bit of Ether in the address to pay for the gas transaction cost).

You’re done! You now have access to your funds again.

If you have any questions or need help, join our Slack and one of the Augur team members would be happy to help.

– The Augur Team

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