Augur at Money 2020

Augur at Money 2020

As Fall begins, the Augur team remains all sorts of busy! We are getting a ton of questions lately and I wanted to share some contact information. Our new FAQ page is a great starting point and we would recommend starting there for information. Augur’s GitHub page, Slack group and our Reddit Community /r/augur are also great places to get information. Finally, to contact the team directly via email at

*Please be aware that there may be a delay in responding as we are a small team that is trying to cover multiple channels as well as working on the platform itself. 

Augur at Money 20/20

For those who aren’t familiar, Money 2020 is one of the largest and most important yearly conferences for FinTech and Financial Services. This panel on Prediction Markets & Data Analytics will be the first time Money 2020 has featured Prediction Markets as a featured topic for their conference!



The panel consists of:
Augur Cofounder & 2016 Thiel Fellow: Joey Krug
InTrade Founder & Augur Advisor: Ron Bernstein
George Mason University Professor & Augur Advisor: Robin Hanson
CEO & Co-Founder of Enigma: Hicham Oudghiri
CEO & Founder of Radius: Darian Shirazi

Moderating this panel will be American Express Ventures Partner, Rohit Bodas.

Money 2020 will be happening between October 23rd and 26th at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. The panel will be from 9:00AM to 9:50AM on Wednesday, October 26th at San Polo, The Venetian Level 3 (more panel information). For information on other speakers, panels, ticketing and everything else, visit

More information on the panel and the participants can be found on the panel’s official page.



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