Augur Development Update – April 19th

Augur Development Update – April 19th

The transaction page re skin is now underway. We’re waiting on a Ledger firmware update to add it as an authentication log in method. The contract code in the develop branch is final, we’re working on finishing up the final bits of review and additions to the upgrading functionality.

A post mortem of the Keythereum audit will be released with next weeks update. It’s looking like MetaLab will be working on giving a facelift to the topics, market listing, trading, and portfolio pages. We expect to have them working with us for two months and are confirming details in the coming weeks.

Tom will be speaking at the upcoming “Business and the Blockchain” conference at Rice University this Tuesday the 25th. If you’re in town, tickets are only $150 and include a two day event with speakers from across the industry.

We’ve been having some Augur team member imposters / scammers joining our Slack channel and direct messaging community members. Please double check who is speaking with you, and remember that nobody from Augur will ever ask you for private information (passwords, account addresses, etc).

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Technical Updates:

April 18, 2017

  1. Invalidate form and display an error if create market fails prior to onSent.
  2. Updated / added tests for newMarkets reducer, invalidate MarketCreation action, submitNewMarket action, and onSuccess callback of submitNewMarket action tests.
  3. Fixed console errors related to dom measurements.
  4. Updated controller mechanism in augur-core.
  5. Added a ContractLoader class to help with testing contracts.

April 17, 2017

  1. Refinement to share selection during close position.
  2. Added filter on transactionHash rather than tradeid.
  3. Updated tests for close position, account trades, my positions summary, and my positions selector.
  4. Fixed trade available orders in review in augur-core.
  5. Refactoring – fixed a bug with the index.

April 14, 2017

  1. Added fix to position shares when order book is unloaded.
  2. Fix to inability to close position within market with open orders.
  3. Updated tests close-position and positions-plus-asks-selector.
  4. Updated local coverage script to allow for local execution.
  5. Added fix to market display on portfolio view + share count.
  6. Added style guide to contracts.
  7. Removed unused hex2utf16le function in keythereum.

April 13, 2017

  1. Nulled out unneeded modules + unbroke node module traversal for linked modules.
  2. Added a fix to stale market data.
  3. Updated tests for my-positions-selector and my-positions-summary.
  4. Merged in positions lazy load for positions (transaction loading).
  5. Made controller mechanism upgradeable in contracts.

April 12, 2017

  1. Added tests for constructTradingTransaction, constructMarketTransaction, constructReportingTransaction, constructTransaction, selectAccountPositions, selectPositionsPlusAsks, and getOpenAskShares.
  2. Fixed test for update-url-test.
  3. Fixed nulled positions not displaying.
  4. Added a few more nuanced fixes from code reviewing in augur-core.

– The Augur Team

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