Augur Development Update – April 26th

Augur Development Update – April 26th

This past week, the transaction display re skin has been in works and we’ve switched to having almost all state within Augur / augur.js being managed by Redux. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time writing tests for the contracts, a task that has been split up between all the developers. Most conversation in the #dev channel recently has been revolving around this.

We’ve published a summary of the Keythereum audit, found here. This document will be updated if additional findings are discovered and fixed, and this repository will have similar summaries for upcoming additional parts of our codebase that that are pending audits.

Our advisor, Ron Bernstein, published a great piece on our blog titled “Not Everything is a Token!” that we encourage you to check out. Tom gave a talk at Rice University this past Tuesday, which should be online sometime late next week.

Moving along as always, please drop us a line somewhere below with any comments or questions!

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Technical Updates:

April 25, 2017

  1. Updated account history methods to consume options parameter rather than individual arguments + updated chunk loading to constrain both from and to blocks.
  2. Handle iterative loading until either threshold for transactions or register block is reached, chunked by 7,200 blocks (~1 Day).
  3. Fix to transaction oldest loaded block reducer.
  4. Refinement to transaction appear transitions.
  5. Bumped and updated versions for most our modules.
  6. Removed checkSubCurrencyIsValid and old line from that were no longer needed.
  7. Contracts now load without any dill.
  8. Added resolve custom fork resolution example contract.

April 24, 2017

  1. Addition of pagination of transactions + refinement to the paginator common component.
  2. Removal of the transaction index from the transaction object.
  3. Updated our prop validation.
  4. Initial work towards chunked loading of transactions.
  5. Added tests for logReturn, cash, and add / subtract in contracts.
  6. Fix setDisputedOverEthics contract and got it working.
  7. Added setController and suicide funds to all contracts.

April 23, 2017

  1. Fixed password input component props.
  2. Removed ‘Remember Me’ option; absorbed auth state form augur.js.
  3. Completed modules breakdown in augur.js.
  4. Added get action to trading / simulation exports in augur.js.
  5. Fixed a couple of bugs in offchain trades update.
  6. Reverted load contracts to working functionality.
  7. Added 0x style frontrunning prevention to off chain trading contract.

April 22, 2017

  1. Absorbed some of augur.js’s state.
  2. Fixed some tests in augur.js.
  3. Refactored state – broke apart modules folder in augur.js.
  4. Added optional transaction modification parameter to autogenerated contract function bindings.
  5. Separated roundTwoPenalize files, new contract loader fully working now.

April 21, 2017

  1. Added contracts module (addresses/api).
  2. Updated sync-blockchain on Augur frontend.
  3. Added basic hide / reveal of full transaction details.
  4. Mix of styling improvements + transition for transaction details.
  5. Removed reducers and store in augur.js.
  6. Separated out fillAsk and fillBid from trade as libraries with delegate calls.
  7. Added array input support to format_int267, removed unused methods.

April 20, 2017

  1. Apply transaction index via selector.
  2. Initial larger rework of transaction components for easier styling.
  3. Simplified transaction component.
  4. Simplified build process for augur.js.
  5. Completed filters and connect updates in augur.js.
  6. Made eventResolution into three separate contracts, separated makeReports into two separate contracts.

– The Augur Team

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