Augur Development Update – Dec 21st

Augur Development Update – Dec 21st

The team has been making great progress in the past two weeks. With our build process now using hot reload and having our two main repositories merged, we’re seeing a significant increase in the deployment process. We’re working on wrapping up the improved transaction display, reading all data from the blockchain instead of local storage. This will allow for more detailed transaction logs, as well as portability of your Augur account between browsers and devices.

There are 15 remaining issues to address within the backend security review, 7 being actual code improvements, and 8 being code review. The security audits can begin after the 7 remaining code improvements. We expect this to begin sometime soon after the holidays. More details will be released in the coming updates!

We also published Reputation 101: A Guide to Augurs REP, giving a simple overview of what REP is, where to purchase, how to store it, etc. Laura Shin of Forbes has written an overview of the recent hacks and another piece on tips to securing your accounts. Please remember to lock down your digital accounts / currencies.

If you have any questions regarding our progress, the recent hacks, or how to stay secure – feel free to reach out to us at

Technical Updates:

December 21, 2016

  1. Fixed reported outcome processing in event logs.
  2. Fixed reported outcome processing in converted transactions.
  3. Updated converted transaction messaging.
  4. Added market links to converted transactions for reporting.
  5. Added as-needed async market loading to the front-end transaction converter.
  6. Removed extra salt from commit-report encryption.
  7. Generic log filter parameters now include a branch ID field. Reporting contract event definitions now include an indexed branch parameter.
  8. Event validity bonds now have the correct label.

December 20, 2016

  1. The UI now processes logs using a comprehensive logs-to-transactions converter.
  2. Listeners for incoming reporting and payout events have been added to the UI.
  3. Included market creation fee and validity bond fields with market creation logs.
  4. The bond message font size has been fixed, so that it matches other transaction display items.
  5. The create market binding in augur.js now properly handles logged arrays.
  6. Added generic getLogs method to augur.js getLogs takes the event name as an argument, and supports nested indexing.
  7. The augur.js filters module has custom event parsing for all (non-logReturn) logged events.
  8. An enhancement to the development workflow (HMR – Hot Module Reload) was not functioning properly and required some reconfiguration to properly handle live changes. With the fixes in place, modules now update in real time, removing the requirement to either refresh the browser or restart the development server.
  9. Refined the UX surrounding the trade order creation process. Previously, the price would remain static if a value had been input, even when switching sides. The price will now update automatically to the best available price based on available orders whenever the trade side is changed.
  10. Placing a trade no longer automatically navigates you to the transactions view, but leaves you on the market view.

December 19, 2016

  1. Reported outcome processing in event logs in augur.js now provides the correct outcome values for all reports.
  2. Modified the penalize event log to include an indexed event ID field.
  3. Heroku builds ( were failing due to changes encompasses within the migration to a unified code base and webpack as the primary bundler. Resolved those issues and deployed an updated build. Subsequent builds will be automatic upon pushes to master.

December 16, 2016

  1. The log_add_tx event API now includes a timestamp field.
  2. Trade log objects now include an augur.js-generated sequence number.
  3. Market links now work correctly in transactions generated from trade logs.
  4. The new build system now works correctly on Linux.
  5. Fixes/improvements to Windows builds.
  6. Now allow someone to jus send fees to a market.
  7. Weight reports on a market based on how many fees it had paid through events as opposed to outstanding shares [which are somewhat proxies for each other].

December 15, 2016

  1. Several fixes/improvements to the new build system.
  2. Fixed several visual and messaging bugs in transactions auto-generated from trade logs.
  3. Added Snapcraft file to augur repository.
  4. Removed deprecated files associated with the old market update timer (market-data-age and market-data-updater).
  5. Fixed missing property error thrown during market creation.
  6. Fixed hot-module-reload.
  7. Market descriptions now display properly in the transactions display.

December 14, 2016

  1. Merged the augur-ui-react-components (AURC) repository into the augur (UI) repository. AURC is now deprecated; all UI development will take place in the augur repository.
  2. Added support for yarn (in addition to npm); see updated README for details.
  3. Migrated build system from a collection of ad hoc scripts to webpack.
  4. Added hot-module-reload (HMR) support to the build system. HMR propagates changes to the source code to the browser automatically, without requiring a page refresh.

December 13, 2016

  1. Auto-update trades converted to transactions for trades with matching hashes.
  2. Event unit testing progress.
  3. Implemented hotjar tracking for and

December 12, 2016

  1. Fixed trade converted to transaction total cost and returns messages.
  2. Automatically convert incoming bids/asks and trade cancellation logs (from loadAccountTrades) to transactions formatted for display during the trade data update action. Bids, asks, and cancel transactions are now loaded directly from the blockchain.
  3. Removed deprecated market-data-age and market-data-updater selectors.
  4. Added total return per share calculation to trade transaction conversion.
  5. Restructured bids/asks and cancels objects to match trade logs structure.

December 11, 2016

  1. Added bids/asks and cancel log getters to modules/logs.
  2. Added account bids/asks and cancels data to loadAccountTrades.
  3. Automatically convert incoming trade logs (from loadAccountTrades) to transactions formatted for display during the trade data update action. Trade transactions are now loaded directly from the blockchain (so your trade history is portable across browsers).

December 10, 2016

  1. Added timestamp to log_add_tx and log_cancel.
  2. Added timestamp to complete sets logs.
  3. Added basic trade transaction reconstruction from logs to update-account-trades-data.
  4. Added takerFee, makerFee, transactionHash, and timestamp fields to account trade return value.
  5. Renamed tradeid -> trade_id in getMarketPriceHistory for consistency.
  6. Added trade ID to getMarketPriceHistory results.

December 9, 2016

  1. Added isIndeterminate field to getReport default return.
  2. Removed redundant (and broken) getMarketTrades method from augur.js. Please use getMarketPriceHistory instead, a function that is not broken and retrieves the same information.
  3. All fixed-point fields in the log_fill_tx event logs are now auto-converted to regular (stringified) numbers. Note that log_fill_tx and log_add_tx are the only two filters where fixed-point conversions is automatically performed.
  4. Updated load-report and load-reports tests.

December 8, 2016

  1. Indeterminate reports now load and reveal correctly for all three market types.
  2. Fixed outcome name displays in reveal report transactions.
  3. The no-report callback argument for getReport wrapper now uses the same object structure as the unfixReport function.

– The Augur Team

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