Augur Front-End Update – Jan 18th

Augur Front-End Update – Jan 18th

Some quick updates from this past week, our current status was summarized quite well here on Reddit. We’ve gotten the team together this week to meet up and plan our roadmap for the following months. The front-end user interface is ready for security audits, with the remaining tasks revolving around re-skinning, and updating the middleware plumbing that interacts with it.

We are working on bringing in two more people (one designer, and one on-boarding specialist) that used to work with Intrade / TradeSports. The timeline for a full launch is currently looking like this summer, with real money bug bounty markets coming a few months prior to that.

Joey did an interview with Automata, hosted by John Southurst and Daniel Carwey, talking about the 2017 plans for Augur and what’s to come. Be sure to check it out below!

New developments are happening every week, be sure to join us in Slack for the latest news, or to contribute to the community discussion.

Technical Updates:

January 18, 2017

  1. A command queue and mutex is now used by ethrpc to handle multiple outgoing RPC requests during the initial socket (websocket or IPC socket) connection.
  2. Fixed a bug caused by over-zealous log-getter removal from augur.js.

January 17, 2017

  1. Expanded augur.js unit testing suite.
  2. Progress on the inline close position functionality in the UI.

January 16, 2017

  1. The market ID field in the marketCreated log is now indexed.
  2. Improved the efficiency of market price history lookups: the price history getter now looks up the market creation block first and uses this to set the lower-bound of the log lookup.
  3. Removed the “mutable” flag for createMarket and createSingleEventMarket from their static API data. The return values from these functions are no longer state-dependent, so they can be used directly.
  4. Moved the augur-contracts “errors” JSON file to the ethrpc repository, and updated augur.js to support this change. ethrpc is now independent of the augur-contracts module.
  5. Completed ethereumjs-connect refactoring.
  6. Replaced the ethereumjs-connect semi-functional integration tests with unit tests, resulting in significantly increased test coverage (from 68% to 98%).
  7. Updated augur.js connection code for compatibility with ethereumjs-connect 2.0.
  8. The augur-contracts module now attaches raw API data to its exported object.

January 15, 2017

  1. Started ethereumjs-connect refactoring.
  2. Eliminated ethereumjs-connect dependence on the augur-contracts module.

January 14, 2017

  1. Refactored sync-blockchain and separated sync methods from the update-blockchain action.
  2. Moved update-branch and sync-branch actions to the branch module.
  3. Restructured sync-branch tests: assertions, selectors, and state are now specified inside each test case.

January 13, 2017

  1. Fixed a trade ID formatting bug that was causing some trades to show up twice on the transactions page.
  2. All contracts have been reuploaded on Ropsten (network 3) as well as our private testing chain (network 9000). Transaction history is now “portable”: it will still be viewable even if you login on a different browser or computer!
  3. The upgraded transactions subsystem is now merged into the master branch!
  4. The bytes-to-utf16 conversion function in augur-abi now supports numeric inputs (BigNumber or JS numbers).
  5. Added a parity check to bytes_to_utf16 to fix a bytearray conversion error from augur-abi.
  6. Simplified loginWithMasterKey method in the augur.js accounts submodule, and removed placeholder (constant) salt/password/IV values.

January 12, 2017

  1. Indentation is now uniform (2 spaces) across the following repositories in the AugurProject Github group: augur, augur.js, augur-abi, augur-contracts, and ethrpc.
  2. Updated the default network ID from 2 to 3 across middleware repositories.
  3. The “price” field is now used as a fallback for “fullPrecisionPrice” for scalar price adjustments when the latter field is not present.
  4. Fixed messaging for maker of order taken by short sell transaction.
  5. Saved log.shares in for payout transactions.
  6. Used tradeCommitment for relayed short_sell order lookup.
  7. Removed memoization from selectWinningPositions.
  8. The addOrder function now works properly when the market order book is initially empty.
  9. Added an initial existence check to sent* logs-to-transactions conversions.
  10. Fixed an old reference to the “shares” property of a trade (should be “amount”) in the price history totals calculation.

January 11, 2017

  1. Changed the getOutcome and getUncaughtOutcome returns types in augur-contracts static API data to “number”.
  2. Added unfixReport conversion step to getMarket(s)Info callbacks in augur.js.
  3. Reporter assets are now updated prior to reporter-only synchronization with the blockchain state.
  4. Fixed penalizationCatchup NaN error.
  5. Split two oversized files in the transactions module (register-transaction-relay and convert-logs-to-transactions) into 3 smaller files each.
  6. All unit tests in the front-end are now compliant with the transaction relay (i.e., the new transactions subsystem).

– The Augur Team

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