Augur Development Update – March 29th

Augur Development Update – March 29th

This week the re skinning of portfolio views (positions, reports, and markets) has been completed and merged. We’ve also added a depth chart for the order book. The transaction and account page are up next for re skinning.

The new set of contracts have been merged, and can be found in the ‘mergedmaster‘ branch of augur-core. We need to update and add a few additional tests, as well as write one more contract for enabling contract updates. The ETA for this is within the next two weeks, in which the final updates to the contracts will be complete.

Keythereum is currently being audited by Aaron Davis of MetaMask, Maciej Hirsz of Parity, and Gustav Simonsson of Ethereum. Gustav, the first one to complete a passthrough, has given us the following feedback:

Looks good, can’t find anything wrong on first pass through code. Maybe worth double checking by running tests also against these fixtures – if padding always works, e.g. if a generated key is less than 32 bytes (I’m guessing this would have been caught by the exhaustive tests though).

We have also hired MetaLab to give Augur a design facelift once we’ve completed our re skin. MetaLab is well known for working on products such as Coinbase and Slack. By working with MetaLab, Augur will have a well polished interface for its launch.

Content around creating a *good* market on Augur, a simple trading walkthrough, and some additional REP security tutorials will be coming in the next few days. Feel free to join our Slack at anytime and ask us any questions!

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Technical Updates:

March 28, 2017

  1. Sort my reports by cycle instead of endDate.
  2. Cleanup of the stylesheet for new portfolio re skin.
  3. Merged the new portfolio re skin (reports, markets, and positions pages).
  4. Updated network 3 contracts (Ropsten).
  5. Swapped out custom HTTP library with pythons ‘httplib’ in the contracts.

March 27, 2017

  1. Sanitize marketID for userOpenOrders.
  2. Added some mobile layout refinements.
  3. Refined the styling for portfolio market views.
  4. Refactored my-reports to container based and the component, my-positions to utilize container.
  5. Added prop validations for my positions, my positions market, and my orders.
  6. Allow fork resolution metric changing.
  7. Fixed the fee calculator when sending fees in a market to a branch.

March 26, 2017

  1. Added password input modal so AirBitz accounts can now download their account key file.
  2. Removed expired events from canned markets script.

March 25, 2017

  1. Updated augur.js references.
  2. Updated canned markets and new contracts scripts.
  3. Updated tests for constructor export and ethrpc changes.

March 24, 2017

  1. Load additional necessary data to property display values and functionality for positions.
  2. Generate new array with combined markets with positions and open orders.
  3. Initial display of the order book and cancel functionality.
  4. Finished forking changes for the contracts, fixed addEvent calls, and round two reporting backstop issue with REP conversion and sending REP.

March 23, 2017

  1. Additional refactoring to accommodate new principles and layout on the portfolio re skin.
  2. Added functional implementation of ability to close / minimize position from portfolio.
  3. Cleaned up the layout for the close trade action for positions.
  4. Removed augurNode submodule from augur.js.

March 22, 2017

  1. Added base58Encode/Decode to utils/base-58.
  2. Display of portfolio navigation content + motion composition.
  3. Cleaned up the viewProps for the transaction component.
  4. Removed ethereumjs imports from env.j & base58 dependency from augur.js.
  5. Made push market forward work & compliant with new forking changes.

– The Augur Team

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