Augur Front-End Update – February 15th

Augur Front-End Update – February 15th

The new home page sketched last week is being finished up. While there are still some styling changes to be made, Sprinkle has given us a preview below:

Augur Front-End Update

Each market will have a main topic used for categorization. Markets will load for each individual topic as they’re viewed, in comparison to loading every market on the main page. This will enhance Augurs performance & speed.

The authentication code has been refactored, removing any interaction with private keys in the client. This reduces the surface area of code that needs to be audited within the UI.

Our StackExchange proposal has moved onto the next phase, Commitment, where we will need 100 users with 200+ reputation committing to Augur. After the this phase, we move into our own public beta. Suggestions for building reputation are posting in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero exchanges.

Augur Front-End Update

As always, join our Slack with any questions!

Technical Updates:

February 15, 2017

  1. Markets that are in the process of being loaded now are flagged with an “isLoading” property, to avoid duplicate get-market-info requests to augur.js.
  2. Removed unused selectedOutcome selector, action, and reducer.
  3. Fixed derived key references in the front-end.
  4. Refactored report-encryption module and added unit tests.

February 14, 2017

  1. Refactored the register module in augur.js and removed its unused methods.
  2. Moved checkPeriodLock to syncReporterData.
  3. Fixed in-progress relay display.
  4. Removed unused fundNewAccount callback from loadAccountData.
  5. Added loadRegisterBlockNumber action to fundNewAccount callbacks.
  6. Used displayLoginMessageOrMarkets in init-augur.

February 13, 2017

  1. Added enum like construct for current RPC status. This should improve readability by removing the magic numbers, without breaking backwards compatibility.
  2. Added docker support. This makes it so the tests can be run inside docker, to minimize local environment and compatibility issues and allow for turn-key development. The readme has been updated with instructions on how to run the tests from inside Docker.
  3. Update loginAccount during setupAndFundNewAccount to avoid UI side effects.
  4. Fixed loadAccountDataFromLocalStorage position in loadAccountData sequence.
  5. Use loginAccount state instead of account parameter in display-login-message.
  6. Consolidated fundNewAccount calls in loadAccountData; split functions in load-account-data into separate files.
  7. Removed conditional fundNewAccount/registerTimestamp callbacks from login, register, login-with-airbitz, and import-account actions.
  8. fundNewAccount action no longer accepts a callback.
  9. Expanded augur.Register.register wrapper and renamed to loadRegisterBlockNumber.
  10. Moved savePersistentAccountToLocalStorage to new save-persistent-account auth action.

February 12, 2017

  1. Updated check-filters script.
  2. Combined loadFullAccountData and loadLoginAccountDependents functions.
  3. Fixed sentCash event label in the front-end listeners.

February 11, 2017

  1. Fixed manage Airbitz account button display.
  2. Refactored loadLoginAccount in auth module.
  3. Cleanup of auth cruft in components.

February 10, 2017

  1. Removed “name” from importAccount, login, and register actions / augur.js calls.
  2. Fixed importAccount loginID.
  3. Replaced loginID argument of login with keystore. Removed loginID and name properties from account object.
  4. Renamed loadLocalLoginAccount to setAccountObject in augur.js.
  5. Removed unused onSubmitClosePosition prop from market selector.
  6. Refactored import-account.
  7. Fixed keystore reference in account export.
  8. Removed extra base58Encode.
  9. Fixed loginID calculation argument.
  10. Fixed loadFullAccountData error message.
  11. Refactored login action; moved displayLoginMessageOrMarkets and loadFullAccountData to load-login-account.
  12. Refactored load-login-account actions for augur.js/loginAccount data split.
  13. Set height for mobile logo.
  14. Removed account-settings (no longer contains relevant properties).

February 9, 2017

  1. Added on-chain topic search to augur.js.
  2. Added topic (first tag) as an indexed parameter to the marketCreated event on the createMarket contract.
  3. Updated account references in loadLoginAccountDependents.
  4. Refactored register actions in auth module.
  5. Removed duplicate data in state.loginAccount and augur.accounts.account in augur.js.

February 8, 2017

  1. Fix to account registration action that was causing initial funding to fail.

– The Augur Team

  • Is there a link to the StackExchange proposal?

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