Augur Front-End Update – February 22nd

Augur Front-End Update – February 22nd

The new landing page for the main app has been completed and deployed! Markets are sorted by popularity, and market creators set a main topic used for categorization. Additional market tags are used as optional keywords during search.

Augur Front-End Update

A bunch of tasks have been cleaned up this week (detailed below), along with the addition of Google Translate. Google is employing neural machine translation this year with translate, and translation is expected to get significantly better. More details can be read here.

We’re working on updating the landing page, as well as the implementation of ShapeShift for deposits / withdraws and the Coinbase buy button for Bitcoin and Ether. Our testing suite is nearing 88% coverage, progressing week over week. Joey is finishing up writing tests for the backstops, along with other final tasks around the contracts.

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Technical Updates:

February 22, 2017

  1. Refined the build process for augur + reduced the overall build weight via removal of unneeded fonts.

February 21, 2017

  1. The formatTag function in augur.js now trims whitespace from tags before converting to int256.
  2. Fixed checkbox component check icon.
  3. Fixed thumbs-down icon on transactions page.
  4. Removed updateTopicPopularity action from marketCreated listener callback.
  5. Fixed market link in create market transaction display.
  6. Google Translate is now integrated with the front-end.
  7. Topics and tags are now displayed as-is in the front-end (no trimming or forced case changes).
  8. Market creation now separates “topic” (first tag; required) and “keywords” (other tags).
  9. Resolved issue related to the display of icons on the topics view.

February 20, 2017

  1. The formatTag function in augur.js now trims whitespace from tags before converting to int256.
  2. The loadEventsWithSubmittedReport action has been entirely removed, as the data loaded was duplicated by loadReportingHistory. The transaction constructors invoked by loadReportingHistory now populate the eventsWithSubmittedReport data store.
  3. Icofonts are now available for use in the front-end, in addition to the font-awesome icons.
  4. Fixed topics page redirect.
  5. Multi-case topic strings are now handled correctly.
  6. “Hero” topics now have the same font size as other topics on mobile.
  7. Updated market creation to require a ‘Topic’. Keywords are still optional.

February 19, 2017

  1. Fixed order book generation in canned-markets script.
  2. Initial refactoring of ethrpc to add proper unit tests (with TestRPC) and robust websocket / IPC socket reconnection.
  3. Added websocket support to TestRPC.
  4. Added motion design for when a topic’s volume has either increased or decrease.
  5. Constrained width of topics view.

February 18, 2017

  1. The automatic order book generation function “generateOrderBook” in augur.js now works correctly.
  2. Edited the topics and keywords for “canned markets” so they are reasonably good examples.
  3. Added more icon-topic associations to the front-end.

February 17, 2017

  1. The default “landing page” for the Augur app is now the Topics page! Instead of displaying all markets, the user is now greeted with a list of topics (such as Politics, Science, Sports, etc.) which are sorted by popularity. Clicking on a topic brings up all markets with that topic. (The user can still browse all markets simply by clicking on “Markets” in the navbar.)
  2. Report commit locks are now indexed by event ID.
  3. Market volume is now subtracted from topic popularity when the market closes.

February 16, 2017

  1. Added report-commit-lock to avoid double report submission.
  2. Fixed market-without-description error during new market creation.
  3. Updated createEvent, createMarket, createSingleEventMarket labels to match augur-core, and relabeled branchId to branchID in getMarket(s)Info object.
  4. Markets no longer have a description separate from their underlying event description.
  5. Updated “unfixReport” to “unfixRawReport” in several places in the UI to match augur.js.
  6. The loadMarketsInfo/loadAccountTrades loop post-claimMarketsProceeds now works correctly.
  7. Reported outcome is now calculated correctly for scalar/categorical events for both log-lookups and “big getter” lookups.
  8. Split unfixReports into unfixRawReports, unfixReports, isIndeterminateReport, and isScalarSpecialValueReport.
  9. Fixed register block number lookup in augur.js.

– The Augur Team

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