Augur Front-End Update – Jan 4th

Augur Front-End Update – Jan 4th

Happy new year from all of us at Augur!

I think Jack said it best here 🙂

The front-end is progressing forward week over week, and we’re collecting great feedback from our users and community members. The final phases of preparation for security audits are underway. An announcement will be made when they begin with all relevant information.

Be sure to check out Joey on the latest episode of the BlockChannel podcast discussing both Augur and Ethereum!

“If you’re big into finance or Wall St trading, this episode will likely get you salivating to give Augur a try this summer.” -BlockChannel

Technical Updates:

January 4, 2017

  1. Moved the in-progress display logic for order cancellation to the transaction relayer. Removed manual transaction display updates from cancel transactions.
  2. Added a single order selector (selects an order from the order book using its order ID AKA trade ID) to the bids-asks module.

January 3, 2017

  1. The front-end orderbook data store is now properly updated by the trade (log_fill_tx) and bid/ask (log_add_tx) filters.
  2. Only show balances in payout transaction display once the transaction has completed.
  3. Fixed winning outcome shares selection for categorical markets.
  4. Transaction messaging now distinguishes between in-progress transactions (present tense) and completed transactions (past tense).
  5. Added a new log (fundedAccount) to the faucets contract, so that fundNewAccount transactions are logged and can be loaded into transaction history.

January 2, 2017

  1. Streamlined the conditional fund-new-account and registration timestamp actions during login and registration.
  2. Moved the in-progress display logic for new account funding and timestamping to the transaction relayer.
  3. Verify that user has a winning position with greater than zero shares before calling the trading payout functions in augur.js.
  4. Moved the branch synchronization sequence specific to reporters to a separate action, and added a check for non-zero REP balance prior to dispatching this action.
  5. Logging in to an existing account now triggers free account funding if any balances are zero, instead of only checking if the account’s “ether” balance is zero.
  6. Importing an account from file now (conditionally) triggers funding and registration timestmap actions.
  7. Reordered loadLoginAccountDependents actions: registration timestamp lookup now happens before updateAssets.
  8. Added allAssetsLoaded method to the balances selector.
  9. Added fundNewAccount the transaction relayer.
  10. The default transaction constructor now allows custom message and description fields.
  11. The updateAssets callback now only fires once, after all assets are loaded.
  12. The FUND_ACCOUNT header text in the transactions display is now “Fund Account”.

January 1, 2017

  1. Moved the in-progress display logic for market creation, trading payouts (claim-proceeds), registration, and REP transfers and approvals to the transaction relayer.
  2. All messaging callbacks have been removed from claimMarketsProceeds in augur.js.
  3. Trading payout receipts in augur.js are now parsed using the filters event message parser.
  4. Updates to the augur-abi middleware module: added negative number support to the format_int256 method, and added an unfix_signed method to unfix and wrap to negative if needed.
  5. Added status parameter to constructRelayTransaction; assign in-progress/success status depending on if blockHash is set.
  6. Gas fees and timestamps now display properly for all relayed transaction types.
  7. Fixed gasFees formatting for transactions that are manually updated by the front-end.
  8. Removed deprecated messaging callbacks from checkPeriod.
  9. Added a “closedMarket” log to the CloseMarket contract that includes the market ID, branch ID, and sender account address for the market being closed. The old closeMarket_logReturn filter in the front-end has been replaced with the new closedMarket filter.
  10. Changed the initial report value for scalar events to an empty string to fix an uncontrolled-to-controlled input warning generated by React.
  11. Removed register from no-relay list.
  12. Removed manual Reveal Report transaction messaging code.
  13. Replaced “in progress” transaction status text with “submitted”.
  14. Your account positions are now reloaded after claiming trading payouts.

December 31, 2016

  1. Fixed the “isUnethical” calculation in constructSubmittedReportTransaction and constructSubmittedReportHashTransaction.
  2. Added missing dispatch arguments to constructReportingTransaction cases.
  3. Added report styling and unethical report “thumbs-down” icon to the Transaction component.
  4. The buildDescription function inside the Transaction component has been replaced with a new TransactionDescription component.
  5. Moved report ethicality display into separate ReportEthics component, and replaced ethics displays in My Report and Transaction with ReportEthics component. Removed report ethicality display logic from formatReportedOutcome.
  6. Attached id (market ID), minValue, amd maxValue properties to the market info objects fetched by getMarketInfo, getMarketsInfo, and batchGetMarketInfo in augur.js.
  7. Fixed two React warnings: 1) Added a new hidePrefix property to the ValueDenomination component and used it instead of conditionally displaying the freeze prefix value. 2) Changed the default null state values in the ReportForm component to undefined.
  8. In the branch synchronization sequence, getPenalizedUpTo and getCollectedFees are now only called if the user is logged in.
  9. Added a long dash (—) display in the “end date” column of My Reports if the end date is not available.
  10. Outcomes reported as both Indeterminate and Unethical are now displayed correctly in relayed Commit Report transactions.
  11. All manual commitReport transaction create/update/delete actions have been replaced by the transaction relay.
  12. Added a report encryption wrapper to the front-end.
  13. Indeterminate reports are now correctly converted to hexadecimal strings in augur.js fixReport method.
  14. Converted main trade logged-transaction loop to async.forEachOfSeries for proper getMarketInfo callback closure.
  15. Added initial check if “from” field matches login account address before processing relayed transactions.
  16. Fixed a reassignment error in place-trade.
  17. Filled in collectFees front-end transaction relayer.
  18. Added a check for the second half of the reporting period to the collectFees block of the composite reporting synchronization / updating methods in augur.js.
  19. The relayed transaction gasFees field now is included in filtered/converted transactions, if it is available (in-memory).

December 30, 2016

  1. Moved collectFees logic to augur.js: fee collection now handled automatically by augur.checkPeriod.
  2. The UI sync-branch-with-blockchain logic now looks up the last report cycle penalized and and the fee collection status of the cycle being checked for penalties. Both of these fields are now attached to the branch data store and available in the front-end.
  3. Filled in switch cases for submitReport, submitReportHash, penalizeWrong, and penalizationCatchup in the front-end part of the transaction relayer.

December 29, 2016

  1. Fixed/updated all downstream actions from or calling to bid, ask, and short ask.

December 28, 2016

  1. Replaced deprecated bid, ask, and short ask transaction-related code with simple calls to augur.js. All transaction display updating and messaging is now handled automatically by the transation relay and filters.
  2. Added possible events that can be logged by a method call to API maker script.
  3. Added error / null return checks to load-then-retry-conversion callbacks.
  4. Refactored trading log-to-transaction conversions.

– The Augur Team

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