Augur Partners with Airbitz Taking Edge Security Platform Beyond Bitcoin

Augur Partners with Airbitz Taking Edge Security Platform Beyond Bitcoin

The following is our announcement regarding Augur’s partnership with Airbitz


Airbitz Inc., the Blockchain inspired data security startup has announced a partnership with the decentralized prediction market, Augur, a highly anticipated project planning to launch later this year that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Airbitz Edge Security Platform will deliver a familiar and easy ­yet highly secure ­account creation process for Augur end­users that automatically encrypts, backs up, and even synchronizes their private account data across devices. Edge Security support for Augur reduces the significant learning curve and friction of onboarding new users, which is a major barrier to the mainstream adoption of hotly attractive decentralized apps like Augur.

“We want Augur to be just like using a regular website, from the user’s point of view. Our partnership with Airbitz is a big step towards this goal: users will have the option to use a more traditional accounts system, instead of having to manually manage their cryptographic keys.” ­ Jack Peterson, Co­founder/Core Developer, Augur

“Using Airbitz Edge Security for Augur will allow users to securely store their private data without having to deal with key management themselves. One of the biggest usability issues with decentralized apps at the moment is that there’s no good way to store private keys and account data without resorting to a centralized server: Airbitz solves this problem for us.” ­ Joey Krug, Co­founder/Core Developer, Augur

Edge Security delivers to end­users a dramatic increase in both ease­ of ­use and security where traditionally engineers have wrestled for an uneasy compromise between the two. Airbitz plans to bring Edge Security to many more apps within the greater Blockchain space, but they’re also excited about a variety of paradigm shifting use­ cases for Edge Security outside of the Blockchain ecosystem. Legacy industries and tech categories such as Healthcare, IoT, secure messaging, authentication, identity, financial services, and more are facing data security and consumer protection challenges that are ripe to take huge advantage of Edge Security to improve the user experience of account security for their end­users while also reducing the liability of storing sensitive user data to nearly zero.

“The Airbitz team is happy to be working with Augur to deliver our Edge Security platform to Augur users. Augur has developed an industry disrupting product that may drastically reshape our financial markets. An empowering decentralized app like Augur helps round out the offering of decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. We look forward to providing Augur users with the seamless account creation, encryption, backup, and synchronization of Augur private keys as well as close integration with Airbitz accounts.” ­ Paul Puey, Airbitz Co­founder/CEO

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  • Joshua Davis

    ok so basically we are simply talking about storing a single file which represents ones account information. People could store this file on their local computer but they might loose it thus loosing all of their funds. How is this any better or any worse than using a sync api that integrates with dropbox or google drive?

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    Excellent suggestions , I loved the facts . Does anyone know if I could possibly grab a template a form copy to use ?

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