Augur Rep Is Live! – Access Guide

Augur Rep Is Live! – Access Guide

You’ll Need To Know Your ETH Payout Address

You’ll need to know or find your ETH payout address to access your REP. If you don’t know it, please review your personal e-mail/file/transaction records since the August-October 2015 crowdsale (look for references to “Augur” and/or “UTC”), as well as the password if your private key was generated on the crowdsale site or encrypted at some other source.

Please note the crowdsale page ( was taken down some time ago — and Augur does not have anyone’s passwords or private keys — as security precautions.

All REP has either been distributed to its owners or (if the owner failed to store a correct ETH account before the distribution deadline) left in the genesis account. In both cases, the Augur Project does not have access to any of this REP.

Conventional password recovery options are available to those who’ve lost and forgotten their passwords, but the AugurProject does not officially endorse any method and success is less likely the longer the password and the more symbols it includes.


View your Token Balance:

1. Go to

2. Look for the “Filter By Address” box, enter your ETH payout address there and click the “Apply” button.




Access Your Tokens:

1.  Go to

2. Click send tokens at the top


3. Click keystore/JSON then find your wallet file you used for the rep sale and select it, then enter your password you used to create it.



4. Click unlock!  Now it should load your rep, if you want to send somewhere input an address and amount, generate transaction, then send transaction.




Note: Your account needs to have some Ether to be able to send Rep (there’s a “gas” cost to every network transaction).  Find your address here, send it some eth if you have eth or send some using something like


0x48c80F1f4D53D5951e5D5438B54Cba84f29F32a5 is the augur rep contract.
You can monitor it here:
or here:



Another Way To Access your Tokens [Mist]:

Load mist: you can download the latest here:

You’ll need the contract address: 0x48c80f1f4d53d5951e5d5438b54cba84f29f32a5


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  • Velzen Jewellery

    naw a Steem Auger integration across chain fix.

  • Thomas McAleer

    i cant remember my password for my mist wallet 🙁
    is there any way my REP tokens i purchased at the crowdsale can be re-directed to another wallet or something?

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