Augur UI Update & Progression

Augur UI Update & Progression

This is the original UI from the pre-alpha of 2014.  You can see an event up for reporting on and a couple markets available to trade on below.


This was the alpha UI from 2015, much improved, although it still looks quite dated and old-fashioned.


This was this first beta UI, much cleaner, but lacking some nice usability features [like categories!]


And the second / new beta UI!


You’ll notice the much requested categories/tags system on the left!  This is live on right now! It still needs some polish on the text and a few small things 🙂


On the site you’ll notice the trading page looks quite messy, that’s because it hasn’t been reskinned to the new version below!  Here’s a preview of what it’ll look like when done:


And a final special preview: the mobile UI!


  • fav

    great progress. really like the new UI

  • mostyn ball

    looking Good

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