Bug Notice: Safari (including iOS)

Bug Notice: Safari (including iOS)

This post is intended to be a brief update on the state of a known bug with Augur in Safari on both macOS + iOS.

UPDATE (6/8/17): In testing of Safari 10.2, we’ve confirmed that the issue is now resolved.  Once Apple rolls out the update, Augur will again be usable on Safari.

During testing late yesterday a bug was surfaced in Safari’s JavaScript engine that was ultimately causing Safari to go into an infinite recursion, effectively locking the browser.  This issue is known to affect all current variants of Safari, as well as iOS versions of Chrome and Firefox.

This bug is encountered under certain conditions during the utilization of the BigNumber library, which is used extensively throughout both the UI + middleware.

Since the issue is specifically related to the an implementation bug with Safari (fixed, but not yet deployed) and the workaround required is fairly extensive, we’ve opted to leave the issue in place until which time the fix is deployed by Apple so that efforts can be applied towards feature development.

If the issue persists, the appropriate efforts will be taken to make sure it’s resolved prior to release.

We’ll continue to update this post until the issue is resolved.

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