New Team Members & Upcoming Events

New Team Members & Upcoming Events

Wanted to share some new things happening in the Augur Camp!


New Team Members


Stephen Sprinkle – Senior UI Developer

Stephen brings a level of familiarity and comfort to the start-up and scaling phases of product design and development having either founded or co-founded a series of ventures previously. His former projects include Cryptoping and address watching service, Certle which provides technical certification tracking and a mobile donations platform for faith institutions. Being a relatively early adopter of Bitcoin has helped influence his growing passion for decentralized applications and the cryptocurrencies that support them. He is looking forward to contributing to the front-end initiative of the Augur and it’s truly novel form of research and insight that’s provided in a resilient manner.



John Danz – Front-End Engineer

John has experience working in small software companies with big clients and brings an agile “wear many hats” ability to the Augur team. His work has allowed him to build pages and applications with clients such as Eli Lilly, Scholastic, and Pearson Education. He has experience with all manner of browser quirks, a proficiency in Javascript, a passion to learn all there is to know about Javascript applications, and the ever growing ecosystem that surrounds Javascript. Although relatively new to developing decentralized software powered by cryptocurrency, John is excited to jump headfirst into this new and ground breaking field.

Upcoming Events

May 19th – Dr. Jack Peterson at The Blockchain – Disrupting Global Commerce
Wellington, New Zealand

May 27th – Tony Sakich at Detroit Startup Week
Detroit, Michigan

June 7th & 8th – Joey Krug, Tony Sakich at Exponential Finance Conference
New York City, New York

June 8th – Joey Krug, Tony Sakich & Ron Bernstein at Augur 101: Ethereum Meets Prediction Markets
NYC Ethereum Meetup at Barclay’s Rise Incubator (Free RSVP Required)
New York City, New York

July 13th – Tony Sakich at The 10 Most Innovative Ethereum DApps Series
Atlanta Ethereum Meetup at General Motors IT Innovation Center (Free RSVP Required To Attend)
Atlanta, Georgia

July 20th – Joey Krug at The Blockchain Event
Las Vegas, Nevada

July 28th – Joey Krug at American Banker’s Blockchains & Digital Currencies
New York City, New York

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