Securing your REP with a Ledger Nano S

Securing your REP with a Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum-tokens and many other crypto currencies. It connects to any computer and uses a LED display to double-check and confirm each transaction with each of its side buttons. Storing your REP with a Ledger Nano S allows you to safely hold crypto currencies, while still providing you secure access and use.

It’s important to note that REP is an ERC-20 Ethereum-token, meaning you do not have a “REP address”. Your REP is held within an Ethereum address, and you’ll need a small bit of Ether to actually send the tokens (to cover transaction gas costs).

#1) Start by configuring your Ledger Nano S. Use the left and right buttons individually to scan through menu options, and press both at the same time in order to click on your option.

#2) Backup your 24 word recovery phrase.

#3) Once it’s setup, navigate to the Ethereum app on the home menu.

#4) Select down for the second option of settings, then the second option again for Browser Support.

#5) Select browser support with both buttons, then hit the right button to toggle it enabled.

#6) You can now hit back and go to the main Ethereum app home screen.

#7) Enabling browser support lets you interact with your Ledger with This is a client side Ethereum wallet that will connect to your Ledger Nano S. Go to and select the second menu option, Send Ether & Tokens.

#8) Select the last option, Ledger Nano S. Hit the button to confirm the connection, and a popup with all accounts on your Ledger will show up. Select which account you’d like to interact with and hit Unlock.

#9) You now have access to that account. The wallet page allows you to send funds, while also providing you with your account address to receive funds. From here, you can send your tokens where ever you please.

#10) Send or receive your funds, and confirm them on your Ledger. Once done, safely eject your Ledger. Your coins are now safe, secured, and offline!

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