Submit your Ethereum Address to!

Submit your Ethereum Address to!

Submit your eth addresses [if you haven’t already]!  You need to submit an ethereum address to in order to receive your rep come launch if you bought rep in the crowdsale or from someone on r/reptrader.  Login to your account on the site, scroll down, and submit your eth address in the box below.  If you lost your previous address file feel free to click “change” to create a new one.  If you don’t have an ethereum address, you can create one directly on after logging in.  We’ll set the deadline for this for Sept. 12, or two months from now, one month longer than the one month window we previously said we’d give.  Note: any Ethereum address where you have access to the private keyfile will work, so this means don’t use an exchange address.

So make sure to go to and submit the Ethereum address you want your rep to go to.  If you bought in with ether and want your rep to go to a different address than the one you bought with, follow the instructions there [basically, contact us].

There’s nothing preventing us from skipping ahead and doing the phase four part of the beta [“A test of the rep distribution & test of the launch setup”] now.  And in fact, it’s a good idea because it means that if we test it out now, come launch users won’t have to wait until everyone has their eth addresses in and it’s been tested a bunch [since we’ll have already done it].  Given concerns about security and additional testing and auditing required, if we test this now and even make the rep available for launching, it’ll give us more time to focus on security for the rest of the platform.  So we can have everyone submit their addresses, test out claiming of rep on the testnet [we’ll announce this in a couple weeks, so you don’t have to do anything besides submit your address before then], and then publish the code on Github so that it can be uploaded to ethereum and exchanges can use it to allow trading of rep, which means come real augur launch none of that stuff will slow things down!

People in the community who are looking for a little liquidity now can get it as opposed to doing odd bespoke trades on r/reptrader.  Essentially, it’s better to work these kinks out now and get something up, than to do it once augur is ready and thus have to delay things by another two months for everyone to submit their Ethereum address and test out rep claiming when the opportunity is available to do it now ahead of time.

We’ve posted a contract here and will make it available for testing on the testnet over the coming weeks so people can make sure everything is proper when claiming their rep using the eth addresses they submitted above.  We’ll also be running a bounty: $1k in btc or eth if you can find a way to cause rep gain or loss when it shouldn’t happen [will update with a higher bounty once more tests are written for the contract].  Flaws assuming faulty submission of the initial sale distribution don’t count [as we’ll provide a way to verify this easily in something like python].

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  • Edd Tredd

    I would love to add my eth wallet, however 0.8.0 has some issues with connecting to the nodes, augur fb login wont work nor email login

    • Joey Krug

      Did you sign up with gmail by any chance? Try that login, or email me your email and I’ll look into it

      • Edd Tredd but i usedto login with facebook, now i am not able , tab wont work anymore

        • Joey Krug

          Yep, just looked at your account it is a facebook login, try using a different browser. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to set your wallet manually

  • Guran Drago creates an address without the leading 0x. If I copy an address from Mist, should I include 0x or exclude it or will Augur automatically convert it to the correct format so that no REP is sent to cyberspace? 🙂

    • mediaman

      Guran, did you figure this out? 0x or no 0x?

      • Guran Drago

        I read on Reddit that it doesn’t matter. Both are fine.

  • Richard Colby

    If I see a box that says “REP purchased with Bitcoin or Altcoins will be associated with the Ethereum address set here.” and it has an address in it am I good to go?

  • Nicolò Paternoster

    1k bounty sounds funny when you might get millions out of the hack

  • UV

    Can you explain what happens now when we have Ethereum Classic out. What version of Ether Augur support. What type of wallet should I use?

  • jeffrey zanoni

    Hi There,

    I was wondering when the payout is going to happen?

    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards,

  • BiffoTheBear

    Can I use MyEtherwallet as the address?

  • xboxsold

    Your asuming the investors are technical and need to assume we are all not programmers or coders. We are all dumb as hell and no nothing about Mist or Git or any of these terms like contracts. All we know is we paid money to sale.augur and have a email address and a password. As i understand it most wont even be able to see their REP in a Etherium wallet.

  • Edd Tredd

    myetherwallet shows me zero balance , after importing key and right password, and no transactions wtf???

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