Test How To Access Your REP – Second Trial – Deadline is October 3 (September 27, 2016 update)

Test How To Access Your REP – Second Trial – Deadline is October 3 (September 27, 2016 update)




This is an update of our original September 16 post with a new testnet address

We’ve begun a second trial distribution of test Reputation (REP) tokens on an Ethereum test network (testnet): You’ll be able to try out the experience of accessing your REP tokens and sending them to other ETH accounts (addresses) during this trial period – before we issue real REP tokens – using the steps listed below.

Distribution of real REP tokens is scheduled for October 4. You have until October 3rd at noon US Eastern Time to make final changes, corrections or updates.



The easiest method for testing access to your Reputation (REP ) tokens is as follows:

1. Go to https://testnet.etherscan.io/token/0x1b380cac15d862bcf13058ac1533c54be7f01fd2

2. Paste your address in the filter by address box




3. It should show your address and amount

4. If you want to make sure you have access to your keyfile you can use something like myetherwallet: https://www.myetherwallet.com/#send-tokens

5. Click on keystore / JSON file, select your wallet file and find the file titled something like UTC–2016-09-16T00-36-57.115Z–3682ae583f8c542ede42a9ca41105e5740b80d55 but with your address at the end, and if your password works then you’re all set! If it doesn’t you’ve entered the wrong password.


The full method to test can be done through these steps:

1. Go to https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases

2. Scroll down and download and install the Mist.zip for your OS. [on windows just download it, open it, then double click on Mist]. Click on Test-Network. Create an account [unless you already have one, we won’t actually be using this account for the test though].


3. Come back in like an hour if you’ve never done this before [it’ll take time to sync]


4. Eventually it’ll finish and the app will open. Make sure at the top under develop -> network you’re on the testnet


5. Go to the menu then accounts -> Backup -> accounts. It’ll open a folder. From there go into the testnet folder, then open the keystore folder

6. Drag your wallet file into that folder, it’s the file titled something like UTC–2016-09-16T00-36-57.115Z–3682ae583f8c542ede42a9ca41105e5740b80d55

7. Go back to Mist and click on contracts at the top, then scroll down and click watch token. Paste the address [0x1b380cac15d862bcf13058ac1533c54be7f01fd2] in (disregard the example address in the screenshot) and use Reputation as the name and REP as the symbol



8. On the top right click on the wallet button and authorize ethereum wallet to use your wallet


9. In latest transactions your rep balance will eventually pop up, if it doesn’t there’s been an issue! And you can click on your account and send your testnet rep around!



Note: balances might be affected by the extent you bought with ETH. Unless you request an address change, the portion of REP purchased with ETH will be sent to the ETH address you used to make the purchase.

Action items:

– If your password didn’t work, generate a new wallet file and make sure you have access to it. If you bought in with bitcoin update your address on sale.augur.net in the yellow box. If you bought in with Ether email us at support@augur.net with your new address.

– If you don’t see your rep in step 2/3 of the first method, something’s gone wrong! Email support@augur.net from the email you bought into the sale with and the ethereum address you think your rep should be going to and we’ll see what your issue is.

We might provide additional guidance as we get closer to actually distributing real REP tokens.

We again thank those who participated in the 2015 crowdsale for your interest and support of the platform.
  • Alexandre Naverniouk

    What do i do if I do not see my tokens?

  • Stefano Bertolo

    can you please explain what is the significance of these methods being performed on the test network (as opposed to the main Ethereum network)?

    also, on step 8, did you mean:

    On the top, right-click on the button called “wallets” and authorize ethereum wallet to use your wallet

    • Guran Drago

      As I understand it, the tokens have been distributed on the test net. This way users are able to receive REP tokens and find possible mistakes before the real distribution starts on main net.

      On step 8 you should left click the Connect button on the top right of the window.

      • Louis Hennekens

        I cannot seem to find the connect/wallet button, so I cannot execute step 8. The white long beam as shown in the example doensn’t appear in my screen. I use windows and version 0.8.2 of Mist. Any idea?

  • Stefano Bertolo

    Ethereum TestNet was apparently designed by Sisyphus: Ethereum Mist wallet/browser reports 88% downloaded only later to drop to 24% downloaded. And this after three hours, not one.

  • Kras


    This link
    I can see my REP tokens on my confirmed myetherwallet.com address

    But here https://www.myetherwallet.com/#send-tokens I see always only “Loading REP”.
    What do I need to do to get the tocens?


    • Augur Support

      This trial is being done on a test network (“testnet”). You have to use a wallet that allows you to scan that instead of just the main Ethereum network.

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  • Giancarlo Giuffra Moncayo

    Hello, I updated my ethereum address a couple of days ago. I don’t see my REP though in etherscan. Shouldn’t it show already in the testnet?

  • xboxsold

    There is NO keystore Folder in the Testnet Folder

    5. Go to the menu then accounts -> Backup -> accounts. It’ll open a folder. From there go into the testnet folder, then open the keystore folder.

  • Velzen Jewellery

    I Have it !

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